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Releasing fear about using your voice

I am quickly learning that the biggest barrier to entry into podcasting is not something new to me or my fellow entrepreneurs… fear.

Fears like… If I put myself out there and speak my truth, what if others don’t like it? What if I am judged? What will I say that hasn’t been said before? What I have to say doesn’t matter. My voice isn’t important. I am not allowed to talk about the things I want to. ⠀

There are so many stories that we tell ourselves that are just not true.⠀

If you are getting just the smallest nudge to put your voice out there, I encourage you to step into those fears. These small steps have personally helped me lean into discomfort and find empowerment:⠀

1. Send more voice messages. Step out of the comfort of typing and start using your voice. You will be amazed to see how quickly you can form meaningful connections with others by swapping out text for your voice!⠀

2. Exercise those vocal cords. Sing aloud in the shower, sit in your car and scream… just get that energy flowing!⠀

3. Massage. Gentle massage from your neck to your chest, and back up again. My personal favourite is using almond or coconut oil, mixed with a dab of peppermint essential oil, to really get everything opened up.⠀

4. Crystals. If you are drawn to crystals, try picking out a blue/aqua crystal to wear. Blue is specifically connected to your throat chakra, and assists in communication and self-expression. I have a specific mala that I wear whenever I am podcasting!⠀

5. Meditation. Hop on YouTube or Insight Timer and search specifically for throat chakra guided meditations. ⠀

6. Energy work. Seek out people who can assist you with moving stuck energy in the throat. My personal favourites are Acupuncture and Reiki.⠀

7. Talk about your fears. Build a trusted network for support. By being vulnerable and verbalizing your struggles with those you trust, you open the doors for others to be open with you.

What challenges have you faced by speaking out publicly? What has helped you get comfortable with your voice?

Divine Feminine Intuition Mindset

Building trust with your intuition

Triggers can often be so small. For me, it was one single line from a podcast- “when it comes to happiness, our intuition is often wrong”.

As I prepare to launch my own podcast, I have been having conversations with some pretty amazing women. And know what the number one thing is that we keep talking about? TRUSTING your intuition. How building that trust has transformed their lives and the way they do business.

How many discoveries started as an intuitive nudge? How many people that we revere today, were outcast in their time? Outcast for following their intuition before it made logical sense to do so, and before the capability to measure their results were available?

I trust with ever fibre of my being that our intuition will always guide us to where we need to go. But often we have experiences where, especially in business, we trust our intuition, take that leap, and fall flat on our faces. And as quickly as we leaned into trust, just because we did not accomplish the results we thought we should, we banish our intuition.

But the thing is, getting to your highest good, getting to happiness, is often messy and filled with healing. And healing in order to experience full happiness often feels pretty crappy.

YOU have the power to choose that your experience was a failure or trust that it happened to help you step into your full potential. So the next time you experience an undesired outcome, and are quick to blame your intuitive leap, try thinking about it like this:

⁘ What did you learn from your experience? Because learning from your own experiences is always more powerful that learning from others… cue your teenager years right here.

⁘ Was there something that needed to be healed from your experience in order to move forward in your future?

⁘ Looking back, did you meet someone or set something in action by your experience? We often don’t understand why things unfolded as they did until we are removed enough to see a wider perspective.

⁘ Was there something even better waiting for you than what your original goal was?


Stop doubting. Stop questioning. Stop analyzing.

Start trusting yourself, and watch the magic unfold.

Divine Feminine Intuition Mindset

Learning to embrace my ebbs and flows going into 2021

Learning to ride the waves of creativity has been another way that lessons on surrender and flow have come up in my life. And as a creative professional whose income relies on my ability to create for others, surrendering to creativity extremely hard for me.

In my corporate past life, my creativity was boxed into masculine energy that demanded that I performed at my peak from 9-5, 5 days a week. Deadlines and budgets dictated how I was to perform, and defiantly not my natural ebbs and flows. Looking back, it is not surprising that my creativity became forced during my day job (which really doesn’t equal creativity at all, but mass manufactured ideas masquerading as inspiration) and I started to lose interest in creating in my spare time.

You would think that when I went off on my own, entrepreneurship would solve all of my creativity issues. But the thing is, I just changed the setting of my work environment, but the structure was still the same. Saying ‘yes’ to everyone who wanted to work with me on whatever project they wanted done, and booking myself back to back with no down time. I was pretty much grasping at any opportunity that came my way with a hungry mindset of lacking, scared to see something pass me by if I didn’t act upon it immediately. Again, it isn’t surprising that even with my new title of ‘entrepreneur’ that my creativity shrivelled up again, and with it my drive to work on my business.

I wanted so badly to be consistent all the time, that my new constant became depletion.

It wasn’t an overnight change by any means, and it is still something that my inner critic likes to provide input on from time to time. ‘No time for rest, have to be productive, there are so many things I have to get done, my worth is in how many things I can cross off my to do list…’

But every year that passes I am getting better at turning down the volume on those destructive thoughts. I am getting better at accepting I am not a machine made for consistency. I am learning how to embrace my ebbs and flows. I am practicing being in the uncomfortable space in between. I am leaning into the flow of creativity and letting it take me along for a ride. And I plan to do more and more of all of these things in 2021.

What do you want to do more of in 2021?

Divine Feminine Intuition Mindset

How I am working on receiving more gracefully

“The spirit of giving without a thought of getting.”
“It’s better to give than to receive.”
“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.”


Do these words sound familiar to you?

It has really come to my attention recently, that during the holidays we become very focused on giving, but no one ever talks about the flip side.

Now before you label me as a horrible, selfish person, stay with me…

I am a giver by nature. For a long time I had assumed the role of peace maker in my family, I am highly emphatic, I am a mother (self sacrificing territory right there)… I even found out recently that I am an Enneagram type 2! Giving (even at the expense of my own needs) has always come naturally to me. And it has taken me a long time to work out boundaries so I am able to give without depleting myself. But know what I am still really horrible at? Receiving! There are articles, upon articles on ways to give during the holidays, but I don’t think we often talk about how to receive gracefully.

I still find myself wanting to argue or say ‘no, no you don’t have to do that’, when someone offers to help. I still feel like I am taking advantage of someone who chooses to give to me willingly. I still have a hard time not over using the word ‘thank you’.

These things have helped me become a more graceful receiver, and may resonate with you too:

⁘ Stop and put myself in the giver’s shoes. If it was me, would I want to be arguing with my recipient, or would I rather they accept the offer I want to give?

⁘ Remember that it is my job to create boundaries for myself, and not boundaries for others. If someone gives to me, I trust that it is in alignment with their boundaries, and that I am not taking advantage of them.

Practice gratitude for the small things in life that I receive- a moment of solitude, the smell of a new book, a bubble bath.

How do you practice receiving gracefully?

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What happens when you let inspiration lead instead of metrics

Have you pressed pause on your hustle recently, to really ask why you are doing things in your biz the way you are? Is it for the best intentions for yourself and your audience? Is it because you’ve been taught things need to be done in a certain way? Is it out of fear that you must play by certain rules in order to be heard?

I have a love hate thing with social media. It is an amazing platform to connect with people from all over the world and share important stories. But it is also greedy and hungry for all of my attention. I used to be afraid that if I didn’t play by the rules and have a plan, that my voice would just get lost in the cracks. But the longer I forced authentic content into a plan, it began to lose its authenticity, and instead of being a tool to help me connect with others it felt like a burden. Something I had to do to be a good entrepreneur.

So I set the intention that I would only reach out via email and the social media platforms I chose, when I felt inspired to do so. Not because Tuesdays were a good day for open rates. Not because my metrics told me to post at 1pm. Not because I was in competition with an algorithm that was not human. But because I let inspiration lead and I would follow and trust.

And know what happened to all those metrics after having weeks where I said nothing at all? Nothing. Nothing changed. I still got the same average views that I always had.

But know what was the most important change? Connection. When I was patient and trusted and let inspiration lead my content, instead of forcing inspiration to come to me, I was able to effortlessly connect with the people who needed to hear what I had to say the most.

In a world filled with blueprints, and strategy and plans, don’t loose sight of yourself in your business. Your uniqueness, your light, your voice – your entrepreneurial spirit.

Divine Feminine Intuition Love & Fear Mindset

What childbirth has taught me about the power of surrendering

Have you ever looked back at how you have grown in life, as if flipping through a well loved album, and can pin point the moments of radical change? Those moments where you may not have known it at the time, but looking back it is very clear that they would becoming tipping points into new growth.

I make no secret that I am in recovery from destructive perfectionism, productive and control. Learning and practising how to just surrender has been essential in not only my personal growth, but how I approach business and tune into my intuition.

Today I had a moment where I looked back and thought, oh yes, childbirth was very much trial by fire into the art of surrender. It was the first time in my life where I entered an altered state of consciousness, and in that time wholly trusted and surrendered to my body and it’s knowledge. I remember looking at my daughter in my arms as my logical brain came back online, and being wholly blown away by how deeply I knew what to do. My feminine intuition had kicked in when I needed to act on innate knowing instead of logic, and it knew exactly what had to be done.

It was such a profound experience in fact, that I would eventually go on to train as a doula and birth educator, and teach my own classes about the psychology of childbirth and the effect fear has on our psychical bodies. And here I am again examining fear from a female perspective, but this time how it effects how we put ourselves out into the world as entrepreneurs.

Surrender has a beautiful way of bringing unlikely gifts into our lives, don’t you think?

Divine Feminine Intuition Love & Fear Mindset

Intuition in business – A conversation with Debbie Adams

It’s Nova Scotia Small Business week, and I want to introduce you to your entrepreneurial superpower… your intuition!

I am grateful to have chatted with money guru, Debbie Adams, all about intuition on Facebook LIVE.

We touched on:
⁘ What is intuition? Why is it important?
⁘ How do you tune into your intuition?
⁘ What intuition has to do with your business.
⁘ Finding a balance between intuition and strategy in your business.

You can watch the replay over here. I would love to hear any questions or insights you have on the topic- just leave a comment on the replay!

Divine Feminine Intuition Mindset

Finding balance in the masculine and feminine in entrepreneurship

Masculine and feminine energies of the entrepreneur space are horribly out of balance. It is causing constant self judgment and criticism, harmful comparison and competition, and the incessant need for self improvement because we feel never good enough, smart enough or worthy enough.⠀

Like light and dark, joy and anguish, work and rest- the masculine and feminine are not inherently good or bad, but it is out over reliance and appreciation of masculine decision making, logic, strategy, planning, goal setting… that actually causes us to look upon feminine methods with contempt:⠀

⁘ We value facts and data more than the subtle sensations in our bodies⠀
⁘ We are too focused on our goals to listen to our whispers of intuition⠀
⁘ We place more faith in planning than trusting⠀
⁘ We are too busy hustling to leave space for inspiration and creativity⠀
⁘ We value logical thinking more than emotional intelligence⠀
⁘ We are so focused finding a solution for our clients that we forget what it means to listen⠀

It can be overwhelming to want to see immediate change, and help the world re-balance. Many intense emotions have surfaced for me and people I have shared these meaningful conversations with. But then I have to remind myself that is the over reliance of planning and problem solving that got us to where we are in the first place, and the most important thing I can do now is trust.⠀

Trust in my feminine energy. Teach others how they can start to trust. Continue having important conversations. Be patient as inspiration brews.⠀

Trust, trust, trust that together we will be the change the world is waiting for.

Divine Feminine Intuition Mindset

How to get back in touch with feminine energy in your business

Masculine and feminine energies are not something that are either good or bad. Everyone has both within themselves, and it is the balance of the two that bring harmony. Especially in entrepreneurship!

Now let me clear up this misconception- balance doesn’t mean in every second of every moment (this coming from the Libra!). Balance could be in the run of a day, or a week or even during a season in your life. But the issue is that, at least speaking from my perspective of corporate western society, the balance is out of whack with male energy calling the shots.

The female entrepreneurs I work with are imbalanced in this way- they have an innate knowing that there must be a different way, but are conditioned by a society that is heavily rooted in the masculine. Embracing feminine energy in business seems foreign and impractical. So they develop the logical strategies, push the sales and follow the blueprints they have been given to run a successful business. But what is lacking in their business is the fulfillment, the creativity, the passion and quite frankly, the deeper level goals and results they desire. I’ve been there, and I know how it eats away at you over time.

How can you get back in touch with the feminine in your business?
⁘ Trust instead of control
⁘ Show instead of tell with the power of storytelling
⁘ Tune into what your intuition is telling you
⁘ Uncover your authentic voice and brand
⁘ Get comfortable with being vulnerable

In order to bring balance to both feminine and masculine energies, first you have to become aware and second listen to what YOUR intuition is telling you on what needs to be implemented where and when.