Crafting an impactful business offer

Have you ever been overwhelmed at the endless possibilities for what you could offer in your business or directions you could take? Maybe you find yourself veering off in all directions, or stuck in the paralysis of indecision. Maybe you have been pushing to launch a course that you have been desiring for so long, but you keep being invited to speaking engagements. Or perhaps your business is based on 1-on-1 client work but it seems your clients are all asking you about a group event.

I think all entrepreneurs by trade are multi passionate. There are so many things that inspire us to create, and speaking especially from my own experience, it is hard to decide where to invest your energy in a particular moment in time.

As you work on the offers you want to put out into the world, consider these questions: What do you want? What do others want? Is the timing right in your life, in others or in the world? I find that the sweet spot for the most impactful business offers are when I am able to combine all three- an offer that is in service to both myself and others, and lands at the right time.

Does something feel off about your offer? Maybe you have done your market research and the offer fuels your purpose but when you finally put it out into the world you hear crickets? Or it is something you feel so passionately about but it isn’t in service to others, or perhaps more in service to your ego?

Try looking at it like this:

⁘ In service to others + In service to yourself ⁘
This offer hits the sweet spot of what both you and others need, but the timing if off. The timing could be related to the current energy in the world, or personally for yourself or others. Maybe you keep getting messages that others wish they could make it but they have another commitment at this time. Don’t give up or be disappointed! Listen to your intuition and try putting this offer out at a later date.

⁘ In service to yourself + Timing ⁘
This offer fuels your needs and the timing is right, but the offer is not in service of the needs of others. Engage in conversations with your ideal clients and learn what they need, then go back and examine your offer. Are you coming from a place from wanting to help others, or only fulfilling your needs?

⁘ In service to others + Timing ⁘
Others are coming to you for your expertise and they need it now, but is it fulfilling for you? Are you giving to others but not yourself? Are you getting paid what you are worth? Sit down and really think about what you need that you are not getting, and how you could bring harmony to all three areas.