Finding balance in the masculine and feminine in entrepreneurship

Trust your feminine energy

Masculine and feminine energies of the entrepreneur space are horribly out of balance. It is causing constant self judgment and criticism, harmful comparison and competition, and the incessant need for self improvement because we feel never good enough, smart enough or worthy enough.⠀

Like light and dark, joy and anguish, work and rest- the masculine and feminine are not inherently good or bad, but it is out over reliance and appreciation of masculine decision making, logic, strategy, planning, goal setting… that actually causes us to look upon feminine methods with contempt:⠀

⁘ We value facts and data more than the subtle sensations in our bodies⠀
⁘ We are too focused on our goals to listen to our whispers of intuition⠀
⁘ We place more faith in planning than trusting⠀
⁘ We are too busy hustling to leave space for inspiration and creativity⠀
⁘ We value logical thinking more than emotional intelligence⠀
⁘ We are so focused finding a solution for our clients that we forget what it means to listen⠀

It can be overwhelming to want to see immediate change, and help the world re-balance. Many intense emotions have surfaced for me and people I have shared these meaningful conversations with. But then I have to remind myself that is the over reliance of planning and problem solving that got us to where we are in the first place, and the most important thing I can do now is trust.⠀

Trust in my feminine energy. Teach others how they can start to trust. Continue having important conversations. Be patient as inspiration brews.⠀

Trust, trust, trust that together we will be the change the world is waiting for.