How I am working on receiving more gracefully

“The spirit of giving without a thought of getting.”
“It’s better to give than to receive.”
“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.”


Do these words sound familiar to you?

It has really come to my attention recently, that during the holidays we become very focused on giving, but no one ever talks about the flip side.

Now before you label me as a horrible, selfish person, stay with me…

I am a giver by nature. For a long time I had assumed the role of peace maker in my family, I am highly emphatic, I am a mother (self sacrificing territory right there)… I even found out recently that I am an Enneagram type 2! Giving (even at the expense of my own needs) has always come naturally to me. And it has taken me a long time to work out boundaries so I am able to give without depleting myself. But know what I am still really horrible at? Receiving! There are articles, upon articles on ways to give during the holidays, but I don’t think we often talk about how to receive gracefully.

I still find myself wanting to argue or say ‘no, no you don’t have to do that’, when someone offers to help. I still feel like I am taking advantage of someone who chooses to give to me willingly. I still have a hard time not over using the word ‘thank you’.

These things have helped me become a more graceful receiver, and may resonate with you too:

⁘ Stop and put myself in the giver’s shoes. If it was me, would I want to be arguing with my recipient, or would I rather they accept the offer I want to give?

⁘ Remember that it is my job to create boundaries for myself, and not boundaries for others. If someone gives to me, I trust that it is in alignment with their boundaries, and that I am not taking advantage of them.

Practice gratitude for the small things in life that I receive- a moment of solitude, the smell of a new book, a bubble bath.

How do you practice receiving gracefully?