How showing up imperfectly connects you to your audience

Can we talk about showing up imperfectly?

As a recovering perfectionist, this has been a hard one for me to come to terms with. ⠀

I started my career as a graphic designer, at a time when brands (and people) were perfectly polished. But as time went on, audiences wanted more- they were tired of the air brushed models, the sleek layouts, the perfection. People started to crave something that was real and relatable to themselves, instead of an imagined reality that was not attainable.⠀

Over time I have had to let go of the artificial shine, and dig into what an audience really desired- authentic connection. And yes, how you choose your visuals, how you write your content and aligning all of these components is still essential for a powerful brand. But instead of an artificial sheen, these pieces are now chosen to paint a picture of our reality.⠀

I know what you are thinking, these are all great ideals, but how do I apply it to my personal brand? It’s simple- your audience wants to know the real you, not a polished version that they can’t relate to.⠀

Think about the heroes and heroines in the stories that capture us. Are we magnetized to someone who has the perfect body, the perfect childhood, the perfect day in their perfect life? Or are we drawn towards the underdog, the one who faces obstacles, the one who has the most to lose?⠀

When you feel those fears popping into your mind of showing up imperfectly and being judged, just remember- who will your audience connect with more, an artificially polished version of you or the imperfect version that is real?