How to cast the strongest character in your business stories

You are sitting down at your laptop with a hot coffee in hand, and ready to get some content for your business planned out. You have heard that storytelling is a powerful tool so you decide to give it a try, but don’t know where to start!⠀

Before you start writing your story, you need to cast your main character- the hero. You might be thinking that as a solopreneur, the story automatically defaults to you. Not always! Since the story will be told from the main character’s point of view, it is important that you choose the person that will connect the strongest with your audience.⠀

Take a look at your story and the cast of characters present, and ask yourself:

  1. Who has the most at stake?
  2. Who has the greatest obstacle to overcome?
  3. Who is the most relatable to your audience?

The character with the most at stake will be the most motivated. The character with the greatest obstacle will have the most learning to do in order to overcome their obstacle (and everyone loves to support the underdog!). The character that is the most relatable will give your audience a reason to care.⠀