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If you laid out all the pieces that make up your brand on a table, would they be in alignment or disjointed? Does your brand embody your brand’s values and purpose?

If your brand is disjointed, it gets harder to follow and feels less authentic.

 With over 15 years’ experience working in the Marketing and Graphic Design fields, I help entrepreneurial women bring their personal brand back into alignment with their values and purpose, so they can reach the right people.

What's included

90 minute Visioning Call

This visioning call is all about tapping into your ideas, energy and style. It is the first step to getting to know your unique voice and how to translate it in your brand.

Brand Audit & Guidelines

After getting to know you and your business, I will review your website and up to 3 social media platforms. You will receive a 1 page customized brand guideline document that includes colour palette, fonts, imagery and key words that you can reference to ensure your brand stays in alignment.

90 minute Implementation Call

We will wrap everything up with a final call where we will discuss my audit findings, along with recommendations on how to bring your brand into alignment with your values and purpose, and how to use your brand guideline document to create harmony and consistency between your platforms.

Is it for me?

If your answer is yes to the following questions, get ready to feel empowered in creating a brand that has the most impact!

⁘ You are the primary content creator for your business

⁘ Your brand feels out of alignment with your values and purpose

⁘ Your brand feels disjointed visually and verbally

⁘ You want to bring harmony to your brand across platforms

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"Monique brings creativity, a passion for excellence, and a true team player who is confident in her skills and respectful and appreciative of what others bring to the table. My experience is that the opportunity to work with Monique is nothing less than a gift."
Sharon's Testimonial
Sharon Jessup Joyce
Freelance Writer, Editor and Marketer


Intuitive Brand Audit


⁘  2x 90 minute, 1-on-1 calls

⁘ Recording of calls

⁘ Intuitive insights and messages

⁘ Branding audit of website and up to 3 social media platforms

⁘ 1 page customized brand guidelines including: colour palette, fonts, imagery and key words

$533 CAN