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Do you have a desire to feel fulfilled and make an impact as an entrepreneur or creative, but feel chained to rules and fears that keeps you stuck? Do you feel like you are in a creative rut? Do you struggle align your business with your passions?

I help female entrepreneurs and creatives tune into their wisdom within, so they can align their business with their purpose and passion, and create a life with more flow and creativity.

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"Monique’s intuition and professional skills makes her prefect to guide your growth in business and life."
Halina's Testimonial
Halina St. James
Entrepreneur, Author, Coach and Professional Speaker

What to expect

Intuitive Business Mentoring sessions combine my background as a creative marketing and design professional, training and experiences working with women, and my intuitive and psychic abilities to help you tap into your inner guidance system, so you can navigate your entrepreneurial and creative pursuits with more alignment and ease.

topics May include, but are not limited to:

⁘  Aligning your business with your soul purpose.

⁘ Shredding light on your purpose and values.

⁘ Tuning into and trusting your intuition.

⁘  Dropping into your body for decision making.

⁘ Deepening trust with yourself and your vision.

⁘  How to get back in touch with your feminine energy.



⁘  Intuitively building your visual identity through imagery, colour and typography.

⁘  Finding your authentic written voice.

⁘  Creating engaging, intuitively fuelled content that mirrors your true self.

⁘ Harnessing the power of storytelling.

⁘  Tackling fears around being seen and heard.

⁘ Getting comfortable with being vulnerable.

⁘  Lighting a spark during your creative rut.

⁘  Support birthing your next creative project.

⁘  Moving with your cycles of energy and creativity.

⁘  Choosing where and how to invest your energy.

⁘  Getting comfortable with the messiness of creation.

⁘  Diffusing destructive perfectionism and productivity.


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"Monique brings creativity, a passion for excellence, and a true team player who is confident in her skills and respectful and appreciative of what others bring to the table. My experience is that the opportunity to work with Monique is nothing less than a gift."
Sharon's Testimonial
Sharon Jessup Joyce
Freelance Writer, Editor and Marketer


Intuitive Business Mentoring
$155 CAD/ 90 minute session
or $420 CAD for package of 3 sessions

Sessions are available via Zoom or phone.