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Healing through

life times

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in old patterns or unable to fully step into passion and joy?

Past life healing helps to release negative energies from emotional trauma in previous lives that can present themselves as current life fears and barriers, preventing you from moving forward and stepping into your full power in your current life.

Exploring your past lives is not only beneficial for healing trauma, but also gives you the ability to call back influential energy, such as passions, talents and lessons learned from previous incarnations. This is especially helpful if you find it hard to connect with your passions and creativity.

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"I recently had a Past Life Healing Session with Monique and WOW is all I can say! She was able to take me quickly into a meditation with her soothing voice and from there she went right into one of my past lives. Monique was able to explain in detail how I looked, the emotions I felt and some of the thought patterns I had then that I have brought forward with me into this lifetime. It felt so real and accurate- it resonated with me on all levels. By identifying some of the fears I had in my past life, I am able to not only acknowledge them, but release and forgive so I no longer have to carry them. If you have behaviours and thought patterns in this lifetime but don't understand where they come from, book a session with Monique- you won't be disappointed."
Kristin Olsen
Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer + Animal Communicator


Past Life Reading
$95 CAD/ 60 minute session

Sessions are available online via Zoom or phone.

Your Session includes:

A psychic alignment reading that is specifically targeted towards exploring the most important past life/lives for your highest good with your spirit team.

During our exploration, certain themes, patterns and energies will present themselves. We can then work to release negative energetic ties, and strengthen influential energy to flow stronger into your current life.

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" I felt instantly comfortable and embraced by Monique as soon as we started our virtual session. She is someone who has found that perfect balance of professionalism and creating a safe and sacred space for her clients. I sometimes have trouble letting go so that I can be present during energy work, but Monique's unique guided meditation allowed me to drop right in and release a lot of the tension that had been building up inside. This, in and of itself, was truly healing - as there is something so special about another person intentionally taking the time to be present with you and support you in ways that cannot always be stated out loud. And while I am rather new to the practice of past life regression, there were many components of Monique's exploration of my past that speak to how I move through life today and the session left me with a lot to reflect on. I look forward to sharing space with Monique again one day!"
Jazmin Bye