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Align with your

inner wisdom

Are you looking to deepen your connection with your intuition and move into alignment with your inner wisdom?

By tuning into your energy and your team in spirit, I am able to receive messages and guidance to help you heal from the past and more fully align with your purpose and passion, in your personal and professional pursuits.

I offer two types of readings:

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General Alignment Reading

Every General Alignment Reading is different, and I use both your personal intentions and the most important messages your spirit team wants to discuss for your highest good, as my guide for the direction of your session.

During our exploration, certain themes, patterns and energies will present themselves. We can then work to release negative energetic ties, and strengthen influential energy to flow stronger into your current life.


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Past Life Reading

Past life energies can present themselves as current life fears and barriers, preventing you from moving forward and stepping into your full power in your current life. Exploring your past lives is not only beneficial for healing trauma, but also gives you the ability to call back influential energy, such as passions, talents and lessons learned from previous incarnations. This is especially helpful if you find it hard to connect with your passions and creativity.

A Past Life Reading incorporates both a psychic channelling and energy work as guided by spirit. Every session is different, and works on an energetic priority system in regards to which past lives need to be explored at the time, based on your personal intentions and the most important messages your spirit team want to discuss for your highest good.


General Alignment & Past Life Readings
$115 CAD/ 60 minute session

Sessions are available online via Zoom or phone.