Releasing fear about using your voice

I am quickly learning that the biggest barrier to entry into podcasting is not something new to me or my fellow entrepreneurs… fear.

Fears like… If I put myself out there and speak my truth, what if others don’t like it? What if I am judged? What will I say that hasn’t been said before? What I have to say doesn’t matter. My voice isn’t important. I am not allowed to talk about the things I want to. ⠀

There are so many stories that we tell ourselves that are just not true.⠀

If you are getting just the smallest nudge to put your voice out there, I encourage you to step into those fears. These small steps have personally helped me lean into discomfort and find empowerment:⠀

1. Send more voice messages. Step out of the comfort of typing and start using your voice. You will be amazed to see how quickly you can form meaningful connections with others by swapping out text for your voice!⠀

2. Exercise those vocal cords. Sing aloud in the shower, sit in your car and scream… just get that energy flowing!⠀

3. Massage. Gentle massage from your neck to your chest, and back up again. My personal favourite is using almond or coconut oil, mixed with a dab of peppermint essential oil, to really get everything opened up.⠀

4. Crystals. If you are drawn to crystals, try picking out a blue/aqua crystal to wear. Blue is specifically connected to your throat chakra, and assists in communication and self-expression. I have a specific mala that I wear whenever I am podcasting!⠀

5. Meditation. Hop on YouTube or Insight Timer and search specifically for throat chakra guided meditations. ⠀

6. Energy work. Seek out people who can assist you with moving stuck energy in the throat. My personal favourites are Acupuncture and Reiki.⠀

7. Talk about your fears. Build a trusted network for support. By being vulnerable and verbalizing your struggles with those you trust, you open the doors for others to be open with you.

What challenges have you faced by speaking out publicly? What has helped you get comfortable with your voice?