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Group workshops are a great way to start learning about realigning with your intuition in your business. You will be able to dip your feet into working with me as an Intuitive Brand Mentor, and learn from each other in a safe group setting.

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Intuition Activation for Entrepreneurs

Let me introduce you to your entrepreneurial superpower… your intuition!

The world of business is out of balance. As entrepreneurs, we are taught how to strategize and analyze, but not how to trust in our intuition. As a result of the importance placed on logic in our business, what suffers is our creativity, our ability to authentically connect with our audience and overall sense of fulfillment.

In this workshop, you will:
⁘  Define intuition and why it is important in your business
⁘  Address the need for balance between masculine and feminine energies
⁘  Learn about the connection between your body and your intuition
⁘  Become aware of sensations in your body related to intuition
⁘  Learn how to start to differentiate between intuition and your ego/ fear based thinking
⁘  Practice building your intuitive ‘listening muscles’
⁘  Develop a plan on how to create space to promote intuitive insights

Is it for me? If you are ready to learn the basics of how to start listening to your intuition, this workshop is for you! You will learn the how to start balancing your business in a way that allows for more purpose, connection and creativity.

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