Energetic Support for Sensitives, Empaths + Creatives

It’s time to allow yourself to open and trust your wisdom within.

Through my own unique combination of psychic channelling, energetic healing and hypnotherapy, I help sensitives, empaths + creatives heal from the past and build trust with their intuition, so they can take aligned action towards creating purpose and passion filled lives.

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Psychic Readings

Deepen your connection with your intuition and move into alignment with your inner wisdom.

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Getting vulnerable on Her Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hi lovely, I'm Monique!

I’m an ocean loving, east coast girl with a love for romance and magic and dancing with my inner child.

I have cultivated my own unique offerings to support sensitives, empaths + creatives, based on a multitude of education and experience including my intuitive and psychic abilities, and my professional creative background.

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