It's time to

shine a light

on your brand

Do yearn to make an impact through your business, but struggle to reach the right people?

You have a knowing that you started your business for more. But you feel chained to conditioning that keeps you stuck, and fears that dilute the brand you put out to the world.

I’m Monique Glover. I help entrepreneurial women reconnect with their intuition, so they can bring their personal brand back into alignment with their values and purpose.

How I can Help you

Visual Branding

Intuitively building your visual identity through imagery, colour and typography. Visual branding that is an authentic expression of you and your business.

Written Branding

Uncovering your real written voice through written branding and storytelling. Creating engaging, intuitively fuelled written content that connects you with your community.

Content Marketing

Finding and connecting soulfully with your community through engaging, intuitively fuelled content. Choosing where and how to invest your energy in on marketing platforms.

Intuitive Mentoring

Tuning into to your intuition, and getting back in touch with your feminine energy and creativity. Tackling fears blocking you from expressing yourself in the most authentic way.

Working together

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Are you ready to realign your brand with the wisdom of your intuition?

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Dip your feet into various topics and learn from each other in a group setting.

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Publication Design

Your ideas and energy are brought to life on the page, and your voice amplified through visual storytelling.