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What would happen if instead of being something you had to do, digital marketing became a way to build community and reach potential customers?

I’m Monique Glover, a digital marketer and designer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I want to teach you how your female-centred brand can leverage digital marketing authentically and create an influential presence online.

Stop shouting into the digital void to people who don’t need or want or connect to your business, and start leveraging digital marketing to build your community!

female-centered marketing with a focus on


Dig down to the heart of your business with a website that focuses on your special talents.

Build your email list by inspiring, educating and building trust with your audience.

Build a loyal online community with a social media strategy focusing on authentic engagement.

"Monique Glover is a social media and marketing genius. I’ve been trying to sell an online training course for 5 years with no success. I launched a new one and with Monique’s social media skills, I sold more courses in 2 months than in I did in 5 years with the other one. Monique knows what’s she’s doing. I highly recommend her."
Halina St. James
Business Owner, Author, Coach and Professional Speaker

Working together

You, you, you

Your business is an extension of your unique personality. I have a client driven approach that puts you in the driver’s seat with me as the trusty GPS that guides you to success.


My process is always collaborative. This is your business and you know it best! My superpower is translating your passion into a coherent brand to connect you with your audience.


I believe in a strategy based on authentic connections with real people. We build your brand based on your uniqueness and engage with your audience through storytelling and original content. No tricks, no shortcuts, just the real deal.

your vision

I truly have the most amazing clients that are making an impact in the communities they live in. I come in to help you cut through the noise and let your vision shine.

Time is gold

I’ll let you in on a secret- just because you can do the work, doesn’t mean you should. Your genius is IN your business. Let your genius shine and let me give you back something that is more valaubale than ‘doing it all’- your precious time.


I  believe in education as the driving force to empower you in your business. I am an educator at heart and teach you what you need to know to be successful based on the level of support you need.

"I’ve had the pleasure to have worked with Monique and I highly recommend her work to others. Her gentle, conscientious demeanour was an assist towards her ability to design a website that captured the values of our practice. Monique’s extensive experience and her ability to hear the needs of our company made working with her easy and stress free. I will continue to work with Monique on any additional website needs!"
Deborah Bird
Registered Clinical Psychologist