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I share my stories and insights so that I may inspire you as an entrepreneur and a woman, and guide you into alignment.

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Are you sabotaging yourself with self-doubt?

Nothing can tank your entrepreneural dreams quicker than doubt- in yourself, in your ideas, in your abilities… Sound familiar? If you are nodding your head ‘yes’ that is because you are not alone in your worries. I have never met an entrepreneur who hasn’t had thoughts of doubt no matter what stage of the game they are at. Me included.

Crafting an impactful business offer

As you work on the offers you want to put out into the world, consider these questions: What do you want? What do others want? Is the timing right in your life, in others or in the world? I find that the sweet spot for the most impactful business offers are when I am able to combine all three- an offer that is in service to both myself and others, and lands at the right time.

Intuition in business – A conversation with Debbie Adams

It’s small business week, and I want to introduce you to your entrepreneurial superpower… your intuition!

I am grateful to have chatted with money guru, Debbie Adams, all about intuition on Facebook LIVE in honour of Nova Scotia Small Business week.

Trust your feminine energy

Finding balance in the masculine and feminine in entrepreneurship

Masculine and feminine energies of the entrepreneur space are horribly out of balance. It is causing constant self judgment and criticism, harmful comparison and competition, and the incessant need for self improvement because we feel never good enough, smart enough or worthy enough.

Are you stifling your own potential by ignoring your intuition?

For so long I pushed my femininity aside. The rules of my corporate past were simple, and masculine, and there was no place for intuition in the world of business. I relished in productivity. My worth became centred around my perfectionism and efficiency. The rules made me feel safe and in control.

How to cast the strongest character in your business stories

Before you start writing your story, you need to cast your main character- the hero. You might be thinking that as a solopreneur, the story automatically defaults to you. Not always! Since the story will be told from the main character’s point of view, it is important that you choose the person that will connect the strongest with your audience.⠀

Asking this question can help clarify your purpose

Were you the kid who asked ‘why’ countless times in the run of a day? No, it wasn’t a tactic to drive your parents crazy (although it can be effective for this purpose too), but a tool used to understand yourself and the world around you. And it is something that entrepreneurs need to embrace to find their purpose.

Monique Glover intuitive business mentor

How showing up imperfectly connects you to your audience

Think about the heroes and heroines in the stories that capture us. Are we magnetized to someone who has the perfect body, the perfect childhood, the perfect day in their perfect life? Or are we drawn towards the underdog, the one who faces obstacles, the one who has the most to lose?⠀

Why visual storytelling matters in your business

Storytelling is not only for written words. The images, colours and fonts that you choose to put up on your grid all tell a story about your personal brand. Just think- before your audience even reads your caption, they see your visuals.