6 Ways to Discover your Authentic Written Voice for Entrepreneurs

So you want to create engaging content then you have to find your voice and shout it loud and proud. Helpful words of wisdom, but how on earth do you actually start taking action?

Like the voice you use to verbally communicate, your written voice is unique to you, and your audience can sense if it is authentically your own or trying to mimic others.

Let’s get going on the quest to find your written voice with these actionable tips:

1. Start talking.

Record a conversation with someone you love talking to (with their permission of course). What is your general tone of voice like during the conversation? Are there certain words or phrases that you repeat? How does your voice convey emotion?

2. Get writing.

Put some pen to paper and just start writing what comes to mind. It could be an experience, a topic you are passionate about or something you would like to teach. Is your language to the point or expressive? Do you tell stories? Do you write about emotions? Do any words repeat?

3. Do some digging.

Take a peak at your text messages and emails. When you are writing to someone in your most relaxed and vulnerable state, how do you sound? Are you short and to the point? Do you elaborate? What is your general tone?

4. Think about books.

Are there characters in your favourite books that you relate to? Why? Do you speak like them, act like them, express yourself in a similar way?

5. Find the commonalities.

What are some reoccurring observations you have made? This a great starting place to find the ways that your written voice is unique to you, and a reference to look back on to double check that your content embodies the qualities you have outlines.

6. When in doubt, ask for a review.

Ask someone close to you if they can review your content and tell you if it sounds like the authentic you they know, or like you are trying to emulate a certain persona unintentionally.


Now, let your authentic voice shine!