Let me

tell you

my story

Hello lovely!

I'm Monique Glover

I’m an ocean loving, east coast girl with a love for romance and magic and dancing with my inner child.

I am passionate about helping you to heal from the past and build trust with your intuition, so you can take aligned action towards creating a purpose and passion filled life.

My journey into Trust

I was born with my head in the clouds and a desire to imagine things into reality.

But as I entered the ‘adult world’, my creativity began to wane, and my need for control increased. I was an addict of praise and pleasing people. I became consumed by debilitating anxiety, that spiralled into depression and low self worth and lack of trust in myself and the universe. Worst of all, I felt like a puppet of others desires and lost sight of who I was or what I wanted anymore.

Needless to say, I did not always listen to my intuition, even when it was screaming at me.

It was because of my quest to fix what I thought was broken about me, that I slowly learned how to trust myself and found out that I was never broken to begin with. As I leaned into my intuition, I was guided into motherhood, torn away from my corporate job, moved across country and helped women trust in childbirth. I didn’t always understand how or why I was led into studying such an array of topics – teaching, writing, graphic design, marketing, women’s health, psychic development, hypnotherapy- or how to even label myself as an entrepreneur. But now looking back, I understand that I was never supposed to label myself in the first place, but instead imagine my own reality into being.

Now I tap into each of my gifts and educational background to help others heal from the past and live freely.

My experience

I have cultivated my own unique offerings to support sensitives, empaths + creatives, based on a multitude of education and experience in various fields.

I have completed certification as a clinical hypnotist with the University of Toronto as taught by Georgina Cannon; a Past Life Therapist and Hypnotherapist with the Past Life Therapists Association, and in Past Life Regression + Regression Therapy training with Steve Burgess, one of the world’s leading hypnotherapists and past life regression specialists. I am a professional member of the UK based international association, the Past Life Therapists Association. My passion lies in regression therapy and emotional healing.

I have completed advanced trainings in Psychic and Mediumship skills, including forensics and psychic tracking. My focus and areas of expertise are in remote viewing, past lives and energetic healing.

On my journey of personal and professional growth, I have completed trainings as a DONA Birth and Postpartum Doula; DONA Birth Educator; Birthing from Love Educator and Reiki Levels 1&2 Practitioner.

Prior to my wellness practice, I spent over a decade working in the Marketing and Graphic Design field, supporting clients in the private and public sectors, including government and not-for-profit. My focus was on Content Marketing & Design, and engaging audiences with visual and written storytelling.

These are a few of my

Favourite things

1. It’s the height of summer, you can find me…
At the beach with sand in my toes, salt in my hair and beach glass in my pockets.
2. I’ve got my reading socks on and am curled up with…
98% of the time fantasy, probably with a sexy villain.
3. I could watch this movie over and over again for the rest of my life…
Shrek, with Shakespeare in Love as a close second!
4. I think the key to changing the world is…
Kindness & empathy.
5. The thing I am most proud of…
Being a mama to my inspirational little women.
6. These continue to be some of my most important life lessons…
The strength in surrendering with grace, trusting in the universe and divine timing, returning to a state of unconditional self-love.