Asking this question can help clarify your purpose

Were you the kid who asked ‘why’ countless times in the run of a day?⠀

No, it wasn’t a tactic to drive your parents crazy (although it can be effective for this purpose too), but a tool used to understand yourself and the world around you. And it is something that entrepreneurs need to embrace to find their purpose.

And I’m not talking about simply asking the top level question of why you became an entrepreneur, but being that curious kid and keep asking why until you are blue in the face!

The conversation could go something like this…⠀

Why did you decide to pursue entrepreneurship? I wanted to be my own boss.⠀

Why? Because I wanted to be in charge of my schedule.⠀

Why? Because I wanted the freedom of flexibility.⠀

Why? Because I wanted to be able to balance my career dreams with being a mother.⠀

Why? Because it is important for me to follow my dreams AND be a good mother.⠀

Why? Because I want to teach my children that they can follow their dreams and make them a reality.⠀

Why? Because having the courage to be my authentic self is important to me and I want to help shine a light for other women.

Now we are getting somewhere! As you dig down, you are able to unearth your values, and these values are what will be the backbone of your content. As storytellers, clear values make your audience care enough to journey alongside of you.