Is your fear mindset preventing you from showing up authentically in your content?

Mindset is more important than you might think. It trumps strategy and blueprints, because if you are standing in your own way it doesn’t matter how many freebies you download, or webinars you watch, or classes you sign up for. Fear effects how you show up in your business, which effects the content you create, which effects how your audience connects with you, which effects the trust they have to invest in you. It is a domino effect.⠀

The first step is being aware that a fear mindset it is even there. We need to be able to identify what the fear is that is blocking us before we can work on dissolving it.

Try starting out by asking yourself these questions:

Are you worried about being seen as an imposter? Of not knowing enough to be seen as an expert?⠀

Do you think your ideas are not good enough? That someone is already doing it?⠀

Are you stuck feeling like you need to appeal to everyone?⠀

Do you fear being judged? Scared of being vulnerable? Of revealing your thoughts and being rejected?⠀

Are you scared of failing? Of not being able to trust your intuition?⠀

Fear is biologically coded into us to keep us safe from perceived threats. But what your brain doesn’t know is the difference between walking out into a busy road or being seen as an imposter in your business. It identifies the threat, and brings in fear to keep you nice and safe.⠀

So as you work on identifying your fear mindsets and as new ones pop up, be kind to yourself. Those fears were only there because your brain believed it was keeping you safe. Next time you notice a fear pop up, ask yourself: is this truly keeping me safe or is it preventing me from growing?⠀