Why visual storytelling matters in your business

Storytelling is not only for written words. The images, colours and fonts that you choose to put up on your grid all tell a story about your personal brand. Just think- before your audience even reads your caption, they see your visuals.⠀

Take a moment and look at the images you use in your business marketing, and ask yourself:⠀

⁘ Are your visuals consistent or scattered?⠀
⁘ Do your visuals have YOU in them? Do they capture your personality?⠀
⁘ Do your visuals share the same colours and tones?⠀
⁘ Do your font choices flow with the style of photos you are posting (modern, romantic, energetic, calm…)?
⁘ WHO is your target audience? Are your visuals likely to attract or repel them?
⁘ Are your visuals consistent across ALL of your online platforms (social media, email, website…)?