Building trust with your intuition

Triggers can often be so small. For me, it was one single line from a podcast- “when it comes to happiness, our intuition is often wrong”.

As I prepare to launch my own podcast, I have been having conversations with some pretty amazing women. And know what the number one thing is that we keep talking about? TRUSTING your intuition. How building that trust has transformed their lives and the way they do business.

How many discoveries started as an intuitive nudge? How many people that we revere today, were outcast in their time? Outcast for following their intuition before it made logical sense to do so, and before the capability to measure their results were available?

I trust with ever fibre of my being that our intuition will always guide us to where we need to go. But often we have experiences where, especially in business, we trust our intuition, take that leap, and fall flat on our faces. And as quickly as we leaned into trust, just because we did not accomplish the results we thought we should, we banish our intuition.

But the thing is, getting to your highest good, getting to happiness, is often messy and filled with healing. And healing in order to experience full happiness often feels pretty crappy.

YOU have the power to choose that your experience was a failure or trust that it happened to help you step into your full potential. So the next time you experience an undesired outcome, and are quick to blame your intuitive leap, try thinking about it like this:

⁘ What did you learn from your experience? Because learning from your own experiences is always more powerful that learning from others… cue your teenager years right here.

⁘ Was there something that needed to be healed from your experience in order to move forward in your future?

⁘ Looking back, did you meet someone or set something in action by your experience? We often don’t understand why things unfolded as they did until we are removed enough to see a wider perspective.

⁘ Was there something even better waiting for you than what your original goal was?


Stop doubting. Stop questioning. Stop analyzing.

Start trusting yourself, and watch the magic unfold.