What happens when you let inspiration lead instead of metrics

Have you pressed pause on your hustle recently, to really ask why you are doing things in your biz the way you are? Is it for the best intentions for yourself and your audience? Is it because you’ve been taught things need to be done in a certain way? Is it out of fear that you must play by certain rules in order to be heard?

I have a love hate thing with social media. It is an amazing platform to connect with people from all over the world and share important stories. But it is also greedy and hungry for all of my attention. I used to be afraid that if I didn’t play by the rules and have a plan, that my voice would just get lost in the cracks. But the longer I forced authentic content into a plan, it began to lose its authenticity, and instead of being a tool to help me connect with others it felt like a burden. Something I had to do to be a good entrepreneur.

So I set the intention that I would only reach out via email and the social media platforms I chose, when I felt inspired to do so. Not because Tuesdays were a good day for open rates. Not because my metrics told me to post at 1pm. Not because I was in competition with an algorithm that was not human. But because I let inspiration lead and I would follow and trust.

And know what happened to all those metrics after having weeks where I said nothing at all? Nothing. Nothing changed. I still got the same average views that I always had.

But know what was the most important change? Connection. When I was patient and trusted and let inspiration lead my content, instead of forcing inspiration to come to me, I was able to effortlessly connect with the people who needed to hear what I had to say the most.

In a world filled with blueprints, and strategy and plans, don’t loose sight of yourself in your business. Your uniqueness, your light, your voice – your entrepreneurial spirit.