Are you choosing your own metrics of fulfillment?

How do you measure fulfillment? If you stop and go inwards, is it really your own measure or someone else’s?

What leaves you feeling fulfilled as an entrepreneur isn’t the same as others around you, or it may be similar, but only you know what calls to you when you tune out the noise of the outside world.

At the beginning of this year I was motivated to grow my business to 7-figures, which in itself isn’t right or wrong. You are allowed to want to make 7-figures, and you are also allowed to want to make 5-figures. But in my case, it wasn’t what I wanted to be fulfilled. It was what I thought would make me a good feminist, and a successful entrepreneur, and someone others would want to work with, and if I dig down deeper- someone my mother would be proud of. But it wasn’t me.

And I didn’t really discover what I wanted until I was stripped of control and forced to hold a mirror towards myself, instead of towards everyone around me.

What whispers softly to you in the night? Runs its fingers through your hair? Sends shivers down your spine? Fills you with childlike delight?

Listen to those quiet whispers. Trust them. They hold your truth.