How to get back in touch with feminine energy in your business

Masculine and feminine energies are not something that are either good or bad. Everyone has both within themselves, and it is the balance of the two that bring harmony. Especially in entrepreneurship!

Now let me clear up this misconception- balance doesn’t mean in every second of every moment (this coming from the Libra!). Balance could be in the run of a day, or a week or even during a season in your life. But the issue is that, at least speaking from my perspective of corporate western society, the balance is out of whack with male energy calling the shots.

The female entrepreneurs I work with are imbalanced in this way- they have an innate knowing that there must be a different way, but are conditioned by a society that is heavily rooted in the masculine. Embracing feminine energy in business seems foreign and impractical. So they develop the logical strategies, push the sales and follow the blueprints they have been given to run a successful business. But what is lacking in their business is the fulfillment, the creativity, the passion and quite frankly, the deeper level goals and results they desire. I’ve been there, and I know how it eats away at you over time.

How can you get back in touch with the feminine in your business?
⁘ Trust instead of control
⁘ Show instead of tell with the power of storytelling
⁘ Tune into what your intuition is telling you
⁘ Uncover your authentic voice and brand
⁘ Get comfortable with being vulnerable

In order to bring balance to both feminine and masculine energies, first you have to become aware and second listen to what YOUR intuition is telling you on what needs to be implemented where and when.