Why personal development IS business development

I truly believe that you can learn all the business tips and tricks and blueprints, but if you are not ready to fully embrace the next step, you will end up feeling frustrated and stuck in the gunk.⠀

How do you know if you are stuck, and what do you do to get through that muck and level up?⠀

Being stuck feels exactly as it sounds- a deep feeling of melancholy from within, even if society is telling you you should be happy because you have crossed off all those boxes. Maybe you are stuck in old patterns or habits, or you are overwhelmed with a sense that there is more for you and you have a greater purpose in your life.⠀

Getting to that next level is so personal, and you truly have to let your intuition lead. Try slowing down and really feel out what you need:⠀
⁘ Is it a matter of taking a deep breath and diving in?⠀
⁘ Do you need someone to hold your hand as you jump?⠀
⁘ Is the noise from the outside so loud that you can’t tune into what your intuition is trying to tell you?⠀

At various times of my life I have needed external support and knowledge to help bump myself back into alignment, and other times I needed to go within and trust myself.