When fear gets in the way of feeling fulfilled in your business

As someone who spent a good decade of her life paralyzed by fear, it is very easy to resent it. One of the biggest things I have learned from this time in my life, is that fear isn’t the enemy and I am not broken because it is in my life. To me, being brave means leaning into fear to hear what it has to say despite wanting to run away. It is keeping fear in front of you and embracing it, instead of letting it lurk in the shadows playing you as a puppet from behind.⠀

Fear is messy and complicated, and our personal fears easily get thrown into the mix when we are talking about entrepreneurship and how you show up in your business. It is really hard to let the authentic, real you show up when fear is calling the shots. ⠀

These are some fears around business that creep up for me:⠀
⁘ Fear of not being good enough/ smart enough/ worthy enough to share my voice⠀
⁘ Fear of being judged by those who feel my way of doing business is ‘fluffy’ ⠀
⁘ Fear of feeling safe when I am vulnerable in a vast online space⠀
⁘ Fear of being thought of as lazy if I am not constantly doing and producing⠀
⁘ Fear of loss of control by trusting my intuition to guide me⠀

I’m sure I could go on, because like every other human I have my own set of fears that challenge me to grow. I feel it is important to have this conversation, because on the outside don’t we all have a pretty polished business, but how many of us are feeling these fears gnaw away at us? How many of us are hindering our own potential for fulfillment, because we choose to shove these fears into a dark corner instead of talking about them?⠀

So ask yourself, what is getting in the way of feeling fulfilled in your business? What would happen if you examined your fears with curiosity, instead of running away?⠀

If you are reading these words, I want you to know that you are brave. Sitting with the feelings that make us uncomfortable is brave. And the world needs more of your flavour of bravery.