Moving Past Limiting Beliefs and Embracing Your Flow with Kerstin Phillips

Kerstin Phillips is the founder of Love and Live Yoga, and CommuniTea. She guides empathic women who feel overwhelmed (with all the things) towards clarity and confidence through gentle accountability so they can shed their overwhelm and embrace their imperfections. She is a firm believer in the power of love and authentic relationships, and brings her wisdom from 6+ years as a yoga teacher, facilitator and life coach, to gently guide her clients.

Kerstin has such a fun loving energy, and I love how fiercely she steps into her uniqueness and embraces all of her quirks that make her so special.

In this episode, we talk about:
⁘ Looking back to younger years for the seeds of our passions
⁘ The intimate relationship between personal and business growth
⁘ Making peace with her doubting voice and moving past limiting beliefs
⁘ Stepping into authenticity for deeper engagement
⁘ Understanding your fear voice
⁘ Journaling as a tool for diving into yourself and your values
⁘ Using ‘why’ to dig deep into limiting beliefs
⁘ Kerstin’s morning affirmation practice and how to set your own
⁘ Finding flow in your business with cycles of the moon and menstruation
⁘ Being aware and noticing how your own energy ebbs and flows
⁘ Exploring what makes you feel energized and fulfilled
⁘ Getting excited to journal – hint there is no wrong way!
⁘ And so much more!

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