Healing Through Story

Did you know I am a huge #fantasyreader? Oh yes, it’s time for me to combine my love of story and geek out on how it relates to healing!

In this episode I explore the power of story, and how reading can reveal
to us our own strengths and weaknesses, and give us a safe place to
explore and heal.

In this episode, I talk about:
⁘ The role of story in energy work and healing
⁘ How reading gives us high perspective in our own lives
⁘ Trusting in our path even when we can’t see it all
⁘ Using stories as a mirror into ourselves to explore our own truths and fears
⁘ Why we are drawn to certain stories, characters and tropes
⁘ Stories providing us a safe space to question and explore our own emotions
⁘ Why your reading zone is the same space to connect with spirit
⁘ Flipping the perspective on the stories we tell about ourselves
⁘ Releasing negative energy stored in our own stories

References from this episode:
Confessions of a Closet Romantic Podcast – Bad Boys & Gentle Villains


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