Deepening Trust in My Voice

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Welcome to Season 2 of Her Entrepreneurial Spirit! I am so excited and grateful that you are here with me. xo

In this episode, I talk about:
⁘ What’s coming up for Season 2
⁘ Why I’m being called to do more solo episodes
⁘ The journey of finding my voice
⁘ All about the throat chakra and podcasting
⁘ Being nudged to exercise my verbal voice vs written voice
⁘ Working out my throat chakra in baby steps
⁘ Digging down to the root of the fear of being seen and heard
⁘ Weeding through energetic threads of fear
⁘ My deep rooted fears in past lives
⁘ Healing past life narratives
⁘ Working with my fears on an energetic level
⁘ Asking your team in spirit for assistance
⁘ When to seek outside help with energy work
⁘ The power of past like healing in your life and business
⁘ All about my new offerings: Psychic Alignment & Past Life Healing
⁘ And so much more!

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Monique is an ocean loving, east coast girl with a love for romance and magic and dancing with her inner child. Monique helps female entrepreneurs and creatives heal from the past and build trust with their intuition, so they can take aligned action towards creating purpose and passion filled business and lives.

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