Going Inward to Find Your Wisdom with Mandi Rabeau

Mandi has a  deep calling and commitment to help heal the collective consciousness and to assist the movement to a higher level of awareness.

In 2016 she surrendered to a strong message she was receiving and opened up her business, Cosmic Rose Reiki & Intuitive Healing.

Recently, Mandi resigned from the corporate world to work in her passion of energy wellness full-time.

Mandi provides virtual Reiki therapy sessions, develops 1-on-1, group and recorded guided meditations,  makes orgonite tools and teaches courses on Reiki, yoga and karate.

In this episode, we talk about:
⁘ Mandi’s journey into energy wellness from the corporate world
⁘ Training our minds to slow down with meditation
⁘ Getting into the spiritual side of COVID-19
⁘ How the pandemic forced to go inside and reexamine our lives
⁘ The uprise of anxiety and depression during the pandemic
⁘ Surrender and coming into the now in order to realign
⁘ How we are being called to become more authentic
⁘ Letting go of judgment in the journey of authenticity
⁘ All about meditation and why it is so amazing
⁘ What is grounding and why it is important for humans and the planet
⁘ How Mandi accidentally started to make orgonite tools
⁘ Learning about sacred geometry
⁘ Basics about working with the energy of crystals
⁘ Surrendering to divine guidance and letting go of planning
⁘ The amazing wisdom that is inside yourself
⁘ And so much more!

Books Mandi references during our conversation:
Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth by Dolores Cannon

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