Learning to Listen and Trust Through Animals with Natalie Tooley

Natalie Tooley is an animal and equine Reiki practitioner and animal communicator. She has been actively embracing her gift, and communicating with animals since 2008.

Natalie works in the corporate world for her day job, but is being called and pushed more and more each day to work on her healing business. And I am so excited to see what is coming up for her!

I met Natalie about 8 years ago when we moved into what would be our last home in Calgary before moving to the east coast. At that point, I was very curious about spirituality but hadn’t gone through what would be my big spiritual awakening just yet. I vividly remember walking around the block with Natalie and my newborn daughter, and somehow getting on the topic of astral travelling through dreams and feeling the inklings of a deeper knowing and this loving connection with Natalie.

In this episode, we talk about:
⁘ How Natalie learned she was a vessel for communication with animals
⁘ When ego gets in the way of trust
⁘ Working with animals vs people energetically
⁘ How Natalie combines animal communication and reiki in her practice
⁘ From a fear of horses and to discovering a special connection
⁘ Different personalities within the species of animals
⁘ How our animals help us to heal
⁘ Blending corporate work and energy work
⁘ How the pandemic has created room for Natalie’s energy work and to go inward
⁘ Importance of a supportive network in expressing your truth
⁘ Heightened awareness that comes from working from a place of passion
⁘ Attachment to labels and why our work doesn’t define us
⁘ Trusting your gut and that life is divinely timed
⁘ The magic of letting go of controlling outcomes
⁘ And so much more!

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