Showing up Fully to Shine your Light in the World with Amy Robinson

Dr. Amy Robinson has a vision to change the world- no small feat.

She believes ONE person alone does not change the world. But one powerful IDEA – a vision that others can join – THAT carries the possibility to change everything.

As a chiropractor and public speaker, Amy helps people believe in what is possible for them, reconnecting them to their own inherent ability to function, heal, grow and evolve, and realize the amazing power they have within for abundant health and vitality.

Amy is one of the most unconditional loving and accepting people I know in my life. What I gained from meeting Amy 6 years ago was life changing- a new relationship with my body, a new appreciation for my ability to heal and a new trust in my body pointing me in the right direction.

In this episode, we talk about:
⁘ How Amy’s journey as a chiropractor, entrepreneur and mother began
⁘ Learning to let go and trust
⁘ Self care as the essential piece to being a mother and entrepreneur
⁘ Modelling self-care to our children
⁘ The life long journey of uncovering all the layers of who we are so we can shine
⁘ How human beings mirror the good and bad back to each other
⁘ Being ok with course correcting
⁘ Being on the receiving end of help as a care provider and giver
⁘ The beauty of synchronicity
⁘ Facing uncertainty and lack of control with hope
⁘ Healing work and vulnerability
⁘ Why self care is essential to showing up fully
⁘ Aligning your business with who you are and what you bring to the world
⁘ Slow and steady in a face paced world
⁘ And so much more!

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