Stepping into our True Spiritual Nature with Christi Clemons Hoffman

Christi Clemons Hoffman is the owner of Radiate Wellness, and the host of the Radiate Wellness podcast and Real Life Angel Encounters podcast. Christi is a lifelong intuitive, channel, Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, and consultant whose passion is connecting people with their spiritual “team.”

In this episode, we talk about:
⁘ How Christi got started as a spiritual entrepreneur
⁘ The transition from part-time side job to full-time business
⁘ Why success as an entrepreneur depends on community
⁘ Why the best business advice Christi received is “be who you are”
⁘ Embracing woo and business and staying true to your authentic self
⁘ Why it is so important for Christi to spread the awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience
⁘ Stepping into our innate intake gifts to better help understand one another
⁘ Finding commonality, connection and community
⁘ The power of emotions
⁘ How to get the most out of our time in earth school
⁘ Awareness bringing release
⁘ The pain of going through an awakening
⁘ How exploring our past lives helps us in our current life
⁘ The power of gaining an alternative perspective to what is going on our their lives
⁘ Our drive to find answers
⁘ And so much more!

References from our conversation:
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
The Little Soul And The Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

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