Grittiness with Brittany Pickrem

Brittany Pickrem is an award-winning graphic designer, Creative Director & CEO of her boutique Branding & Design business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Brittany’s company helps to amplify the game-changing work her customer’s are creating, through designing unforgettable visual brand experiences. 

After getting sick, and then fired from her ‘dream job’ in 2013, Brittany decided to STOP chasing conventional corporate success. In 2014, Brittany founded her own branding and design company, promoted herself as a Creative Director, and vowed to only work for businesses who are creating positive change. At the time, less than 3% of women who worked in the creative communications sector, held the role as a Creative Director. 

Over the last 7 years it’s been Brittany’s mission, and pleasure to help business owners who are creating a positive change to show up, and stand out with an impactful, value-aligned, visual brand image from their wardrobe to their website. 

In this episode, we talk about:
⁘ Moving through fears of being seen and heard
⁘ Community and accountability to help move past fears and foster business growth
⁘ Starting small and warm
⁘ Not allowing fear in the drivers seat
⁘ Socializing your brand and getting comfortable with visibility
⁘ Brittany’s ritual of centering before doing something challenging
⁘ Working through and reversing negative narratives
⁘ Building a brand through aligned actions
⁘ Understanding and standing by your brand values
⁘ Bringing humanity into business
⁘ Why being a ‘busyholic’ leads to burnout
⁘ Getting still to get smart
⁘ Transforming a negative experience into the foundation of her business
⁘ Difference between grittiness vs. working hard
⁘ Taking our identity out of the work for more flexibility and freedom
⁘ Creating a sustainable business model
⁘ Brittany’s new change maker role to help plastic pollution
⁘ Why your greatest strength is you
⁘ And so much more!

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