The Joy of Becoming with Deborah Young

Deborah Young is a Psychic and Karmic Astrologer, author, hypnotherapist (specializing in past-lives), speaker and teacher. Deborah uses her knowledge to help her clients explore their astrological charts and understand their unique purpose and meaning. Deborah also uses runic stones, tarot cards, numerology and mediumship in her popular sessions to help answer the spiritual questions her clients bring to the table.

Deborah’s bravest endeavour has been writing and launching her first novel, Gabriel’s Great Perhaps- a fantasy novel about highly disparate souls needing to work together to save a troubled Earth.

In this episode, we talk about:
⁘ How Deborah went from economics to astrology
⁘ Combining psychic senses with astrology
⁘ Karma, contracts and past lives
⁘ The joy in the process of becoming
⁘ Accidental destinations in Deborah’s travels
⁘ Following breadcrumbs
⁘ The practical and spiritual sides of astrology
⁘ Tuning into astrology for the collective
⁘ Pluto’s role in astrology
⁘ What are lunar nodes
⁘ What the charts have in store for 2022
⁘ Moving into a season of grounding and simplicity
⁘ Uprooting authority wounds and healing mistrust
⁘ Past life dreams and experiences
⁘ How Deborah’s book came to her to be written
⁘ Compassion and courage in 2022
⁘ Pluto in Scorpio generation
⁘ Deborah dives into a mini reading of my chart

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