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In this space, I share unscripted conversations with female entrepreneurs who are harnessing the power of spirituality to create authentic and purpose-driven lives and businesses.

Together, we are breaking through the rules and fears, and leading with courage and love.

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Latest Episodes

The Joy of Becoming with Deborah Young

Deborah Young is a Psychic and Karmic Astrologer, author, hypnotherapist (specializing in past-lives), speaker and teacher. Deborah uses her knowledge to help her clients explore their astrological charts and understand their unique purpose and meaning.

Grittiness with Brittany Pickrem

Brittany Pickrem is an award-winning graphic designer, Creative Director & CEO of her boutique Branding & Design business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Brittany’s company helps to amplify the game-changing work her customer’s are creating, through designing unforgettable visual brand experiences.

Stepping into our True Spiritual Nature with Christi Clemons Hoffman

Christi Clemons Hoffman is the owner of Radiate Wellness, and the host of the Radiate Wellness podcast and Real Life Angel Encounters podcast. Christi is a lifelong intuitive, channel, Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, and consultant whose passion is connecting people with their spiritual “team.”

Healing Through Story

Stories are a mirror into ourselves. They can reveal to us our own strengths and weaknesses, and give us a safe place to explore and heal.

Going Inward to Find Your Wisdom with Mandi Rabeau

Mandi has a  deep calling and commitment to help heal the collective consciousness and to assist the movement to a higher level of awareness. In 2016 she surrendered to a strong message she was receiving and opened up her business, Cosmic Rose Reiki & Intuitive Healing.

Showing up with Courage with Ming Shelby

Ming Shelby is a Director of Professional Learning, who has dedicated her career to inspiring students, teachers and administrators through positive learning experiences. She believes that courage is the critical ingredient for personal transformation.

Cultivating Creativity and Confidence Through Writing with Jazmine Clarice

Jazmine Clarice is a self published author of young adult fiction. She began her journey as an entrepreneur in June 2020 when she hit publish on her debut novel, Sweet Dreams. Jazmine is currently working on the second instalment in The Dream Chronicles, and has started an Etsy shop and Instagram account for writers and those who aspire to become writers.

How Trust Changed Everything for Me

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone for my first solo episode. When I felt called to get more vulnerable on my podcast, I made a bargain- I would record the episode, but I wasn’t sure if I would hit publish. Here I am, publishing the episode that made me feel like I had to lean a bit more into my fear, because I am choosing to trust.

Breaking Free from the Culture of Busyness and Honouring your Energy with Melina Charis

Melina Charis is an energetic coach who helps awakened healers, creatives, and entrepreneurs come home to themselves and own the magic within them. She uses a combination of energy work, Human Design, and coaching to help clients liberate themselves from limiting beliefs, activate their higher selves, and learn to consciously create a life and business that feels fully aligned and authentic to them.

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